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Cornea is the clear outer surface of the eye and is often referred to as watch glass. The cornea permits light to enter the eye & focus on the retina. When its clarity is compromised by infection or other diseases light transmission is reduced and may result in blindness also.
Importance of the cornea for good vision
The cornea is essential to good vision. For example, the cornea filters out some of the most damaging ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths in sunlight. Without this protection, the crystalline lens and the retina would be highly susceptible to injury from UV radiation.

If this "window" is curved too much, as is the case in some nearsighted people, faraway objects will appear blurry because distant light waves will refract imperfectly on the retina. If this "window" has imperfections or irregularities, as is the case in people with an astigmatism, light will refract unequally, causing a slight distortion of the visual image. But, if this "window" is of normal shape and curvature, light will refract with exquisite precision to the crystalline lens.

Problems affecting the cornea
Refractive errors
Corneal Ulcer
Corneal opacity
Corneal Dystrophies
  Special diagnostic and therapeutic care is laid at our Cornea Clinic at Dr.Bapaye Hospital.
  Autologous Limbal Steam Cell Transplantation with/without amniotic Membrane. Transplantation in cases of Moderate Limbal Steam Cell (LSC) Deficiencies/ grade 1-2 chemical burns/ Persistent Epithelial Defects (PEDs)/ Non-Healing Ulcers.
  Corneal scrapings – diagnostic and therapeutic
  Newer Treatment Modalities like:
Intacs (Intra Cornea Rings); C3R/UVX have been introduced for mild to mod cases of KERATOCONUS aided with SPECIALISED KERATOCONUS LENS - ROSE K LENSES for better optical result post UVX.
Glue + BCL in case of micro corneal perforations
Lamellar corneal tattooing for cosmetic purposes
Cornea Surgery and Eye Bank
Cornea blindness is one of the leading cause of visual handicap in India. Bapaye Eye Bank is fulfilling the need of donor corneas of Maharashtra since last many years as charitable treatment and has given vision to many blind patients. Bapaye Hospital is the most active eye bank for cornea retrieval and transplant with best surgical result in treatments like penetrating keratoplasty and now lamellar keratoplasties like DALK,DSEK and Femto laser keratoplasties.

With newer preservation media and access to Eye bank in all over India, Eye bank can preserve cornea up to 15 days and virtually operate corneal blind patient at any given time.

Eye donation pledge accepted.

Corneal Blindness
Cornea, the main focusing part, is the clear front surface of the eye. Vision could be markedly reduced or lost if the cornea becomes cloudy or scarred. This condition is known as corneal blindness.
Causes of corneal blindness
  Injuries to the eye
  Birth Defects
  Chemical Burns
  Congenital Disorders and Complications of Eye Surgery.
The cornea transplant is the surgical procedure, which replaces a disc-shaped segment of an impaired cornea with a similarly shaped piece of a healthy donor cornea.
Surgical treatment
  Optical penetrating Keratoplasties (Pks)
  Optical PK with IOL Implantations
  Descement Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasties (DSEK)
  Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasties (DALK)
  Therapeutic Keratoplasties (TPK)
  Regrafting (PK/DSEK)
  Tectonic PK
  Cosmetic PK

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