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(Afterdeath Eye donation Wish Letter)
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I hereby declare that, I wish to donate my eyes after death. I would like to donate my eyes to Dr. Bapaye Eye Bank, Nashik. They can transplant my eyes to blind people after my death. I have already informed about my decision to my family and relatives. This is my own wish.
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Eye Donation – Best Donation

The people suffering from Eyeball diseases and facing blindness will be getting benefit of eye donation we do.  This blindness is also called as corneal blindness. After eye donation, only the eye bubbles are replaced not the completed eye is transplanted.

•    What is Cornea?

Eyes are covered by complete transparent layer like the glass of wall clock. Because of this layer eyes are protected. The light rays reflecting the layer emits light which causes the eye sight.
Blindness causes when these transparent layers become unclear.

•    Reasons of this kind of blindness –

  1.  The injuries caused to the eyeballs, injuries, caused by sharp bows to children while playing, the unsafely fired crackers in Diwali.
  2.  Due to Malnutrition
  3.  Due to Germ Infection
  4.  Due to Devi, Chicken Pox etc
  5.  If Eye got suffered by some chemicals
  6.  Due to genetics

•    Who can make the eye donation?

  1.  Eye Donation can only be done after death.
  2.  Anybody right from children to old age can donate the eye
  3.  Those having spects can also donate the eyes
  4.  Those who are suffering from Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Asthma, etc can also donate the eyes.
  5.  Person undergone Cataract Surgery
  6.  No Religion opposes eye donation

•    Who cannot make the eye donation?

  1.  The people suffering from HIV Aids, Hepatitis, Septicaemia, Blood Cancer, etc.

•    Precautions to be taken by eye donation

  1. 1) Fan should be switched off in the room where the death body is placed. Its eyes should be closed, the eyes should be covered by wet cotton or cloth and heavy pillow should be below the head.
  2.  Death certificate should be granted from the doctor
  3.  The eye balls need to be removed within 6 hours after death. So nearest eye bank should be informed early.
  4.  Even if anybody has not filled eye donation form, its relatives can donate its eyes.

•    Eye Bank Functionality

  1.  The expert doctor from eye bank immediately goes and takes the eye balls of the person if there is such information.  At that time eye donor’s blood is also taken for examination.
  2.  Eye donation doesn’t affect the face or beauty.
  3.  The eyes donated are always checked in the eye bank and have transplanted to the proper blind person.

  4. Eye donation of one person can give eye sight two persons so please donate your eyes and encourage others.

    Eye Donation – Best Donation

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