Cornea Clinic

Corneal blindness is a very common cause of avoidable blindness in our country. A well equipped cornea clinic with an eye bank at Dr.Bapaye Hospital is treating patients with corneal disorders



  1. TMS-4 (Tomey): Corneal Topography system used for measurements of corneal curvature and aberrations. It is employed in patients suspicious of having corneal abnormalities like Keratoconus

  2. SP-100 Pachymeter (Tomey): For measurement of corneal thickness.

  3. Corneal collagen crosslinker (Eyeroc UVX-1000):  The device was developed by pioneer of corneal collagen cross linking, Prof. Theo Seiler.  This is used in treatment of keratconus to stop progression of disease and stabilizing refractive error.

  4. Netrada Eye Bank:  Dr.Bapaye Hospital is equipped with full fledged eye bank with permission to retrieval and use of eyes. Donated eyes are used for keratoplasty in patients with corneal blindness.

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