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Retinal diseases are often reflection of general health of an individual. Retina gets affected by various systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. A large number of diseases affect retina which require both medical as well as surgical treatment. A wide variety of diagnostic devices as well as treatment equipment is essential to achieve optimum results in retinal diseases.

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  1. Zeiss FF 450 IR Fundus camera: this state of the art retinal imaging technology is used for various investigations. Besides fluorescein angiography (FA), autofluorescence (FAF), indocyanin green angiography (ICGA), red free photography of retinal nerve fiber layer analysis is possible with his technology.

  2. Cirrus HD-OCT (Zeiss): High definition spectral domain OCT is capable of assessing minute retinal features that can detect pathology at very early stages. The technology includes latest features like En-Face OCT, enhanced depth imaging, 3-D retinal analysis. OCT is of immense importance in diagnosis as well as follow up diabetic macular edema, age related macular degeneration, cystoids macular edema caused by vein occlusion, macular hole etc various macular pathologies.

  3. Ophthalmic ultrasonography (Quantel Medical- Aviso): Dedicated ophthalmic ultrasonography is important in assessment of posterior segment where retina can’t be visualized like in cases of vitreous hemorrhage, mature cataract, ocular trauma and to assess retinal/ choroidal tumors.

  4. Accurus vitrectomy system (Alcon): High speed viterctomy as well as transconjuctival sutureless vitrectomy is required for vireoretinal diseases. The advanced features make it possible to achieve accurate surgeical results with minimal surgical time. All types of retinal surgical procedures like macular surgeries, retinal detachment, diabetic vitrectomy, retinopathy of prematurity etc and many more

  5. Iridex Oculight Gl Green Laser (Iridex Ophthalmic Equipment): Green laser is used for retinal lasers in diabetic retinopathy, peripheral retinal degenerations, certain macular disorders like CSR & extrafoveal CNVM and intraoperatively.

  6. Intravitreal Injection therapy: Various intravitreal injections namely Lucentis, Accentrix, Avastin and Ozurdex are regularly used in retina clinic for various vitreoretinal disorders.

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